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>> we began with two breaking news stories. baltimore county crews are on the scene of of for alarm fire at a hotel in catonsville. first, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake has hit off the northeast coast of japan. it prompted a tsunami warning. the epicenter of the quake was in the pacific ocean off japan's main island. we will bring you the latest as more information becomes available. in baltimore county, fire crews are battling that for alarm fire at the days inn hotel on baltimore national pike in catonsville. shelton dutes is live at the scene. >> this is still very much an active scene. you can see the latter's extended to the top floor of the building and the smoke coming from the top floor. firefighters have not said where
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the fire may have started but they have focused their efforts on that top floor since we have been here. what are reworking with? >> -- what are we working with? >> rigell, the origin of the fire has not been determined, but we have had two minor smoke inhalation injuries who were transported to nw hospital. one firefighter had some minor injuries at this time. the crews are still extinguishing the fire at this time. the management is working with relocating the occupants to another hotel at this time. >> do we have an estimate on how many people were evacuated from the building? >> approximately 150 people were evacuated from the building. >> we appreciate you taking the
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time to come out and talk to us. baltimore national pride and engel side road is blocked off to -- national pike is blocked off to traffic. were you cannot see behind us, crews or redirecting traffic. it began, a boy this area at all cost tonight. >> baltimore city -- avoid this area. >> an arrest at the deadly stabbing outset and inner harbor restaurant, fourth of july. mark critz harris bases -- demarcus harris. calo was stabbed to death outside a restaurant shortly after the july 4 fireworks show. police believe the stabbing may have been the result of an earlier altercation. former girlfriend says she is pleased about the rest. >> i am relieved that this is
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not going to happen to someone else and that they caught him and they will bring them to justice. >> according to court records, harris's criminal history dates back to 2005 and includes various drug and reckless driving charges. that murder rest comes on the heels of another deadly stabbing in downtown baltimore. police a man was stabbed to death after an argument around 1:30 a.m. this morning. the 25-year-old victim was stabbed in the leg during the scuffle and rushed to shock trauma, where he died. there is no word on his identity. baltimore county police are trying to figure out how the body of a woman ended up in the patapsco river. the victim's body was spotted -- spotted just before 10:00 this morning. authorities say there were no obvious signs of trauma and they do not suspect foul play. police are awaiting the results of an autopsy to determine the
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exact cause of death. new details in an accident that killed a teenage girl. investigators believe a 14-year- old girl was crossing an intersection when she was hit by a vehicle. it happened at around 9:30 p.m. last night. the young girl died at the scene. there is no word on whether the driver or the pedestrian was at fault. the number of reported rapes are now up more than 50%, after the mayor has called for more thorough investigation. the internal audit revealed a drop in the number of unfounded sex crimes. >> i was not pleased when i heard about the way we are treating victims and handling the cases, and i instructed our commissioner to fix it, and i am hoping this is showing that we are fixing it. >> why she is ripley's ripley's with the results, she says she will be pleased when the actual number of rape cases in the city dropped. the redevelopers of the state --
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an agreement was passed to keep the jobs created right in the neighborhood. >> the idea is simple, and yet called a landmark. when the 28 acre state center site is redeveloped, there should be an effort to maximize local hiring and bring in minorities, women, and local businesses. his is called economic inclusion and with this signing ceremony, it is the first of its kind in baltimore city. >> we need jobs and we need to create them now. this project is critical to transforming these communities back into a thriving, walkable neighborhoods that they once were. >> i think is the peter about development needs to happen in baltimore. -- a pitcher of development needs to happen in baltimore.
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>> creating what developers: barbara neighborhood anger. despite all the positive mood at this event, the project has its critics. with complaints about a lack of oversight and competition to the downtown business district. >> it is ill-advised to inject 1.5 million feet into a market place that has no demand for it. >> sums to the plan represents a new future for non restored neighborhoods, and that inclusion has its cheerleaders. >> i am very familiar with the plans for this project and i am very excited about the building that will go up. but i have to tell you, i am more excited about the development of people. >> the best days of baltimore are yet to come, and it is because of things like this. these public-private partnerships will ensure that
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our best days are ahead of us. >> only phase one of the project has been fully planned. there is a 15-year plan for the full campus. the latest jobs report paints a discouraging picture of the nation's recovery. employers added only 18,000 jobs in june, nudging the unemployment rate to 9.2%. president obama blames it on natural disasters, gas prices, and budget cuts that slashed 39,000 jobs. tomorrow, congressional leaders are expected to meet with the president for another round of key budget talks. house speaker john boehner says he will drop efforts for four trillion dollars in deficit reductions and instead will seek cuts. >> republicans and democrats do not see eye to eye on a number
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of issues. we will continue working over the weekend to bridge those gaps. the good news is, we agree on some of the big things. we agree that after a decade of racking up deficits and debt, we need to get our fiscal house in order. >> earlier this week, the president held his first ever quitter town hall. he received thousands of questions covering a range of topics. the dalai lama continues his visit to the nation's capital today with the call for peace. he spoke on the west lawn of the u.s. capitol earlier today. he talked about changing society peacefully, one person at a time. >> try to create a peaceful mind. that creates within our own community the way to change our
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society. >> china says the dalai lama supports the use of violence to establish an independent tibet, something he strongly denies. funeral arrangements are now in place for former first lady betty ford. mrs. board passed away last night at the age of 93, and to services have been planned, one next tuesday and the second in grand rapids michigan next thursday. a spokesman today expressed thanks on behalf of the family. >> we would like to thank president and mrs. obama and the white house stepped, together with each of the former president and former first ladies, for their kindness and support. >> the gerald ford presidential museum in grand rapids and the board presidential library in ann arbor are of extending their hours for visitors wanting to
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express their sympathy to the family. it can take a look back at betty ford's light in pictures on our website, the annual art skate prize is awarded tonight and we will introduce you to be winner. the u.k. newspaper and news of the world will publish its final edition. and painting the town. the star-studded gala with the duke and duchess of cambridge mingled with hollywood royalty. >> there is a nice bubble of air sitting over us. we will see if the rain moves back north.
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x tonight, prince wudyka and kate matt holt -- hollywood royalty -- tonight, prince william and kate met hollywood royalty. >> tonight, some of the biggest names in hollywood turned out in honor of the duke and duchess of cambridge. >> i was very grateful that they have come here. >> by far the most glamorous
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event of their visit. they were at a dinner party in downtown los angeles where up- and-coming british talent is introduced to hollywood's movers and shakers. >> it is everybody's dream to get to meet will and kate. >> they were in the ritzy coastal town of santa barbara or the prince showed off his riding chops and a polo match against an american team that raised money for his family's charities. the prince's team won. >> it is a key element to the foundation that catherine, harry, and i have established. >> the stars were shining there, too, as a celebrity chef prepared a four thousand dollars a plate luncheon that included the couple's favorite foods. so far, kate has not made any
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public remarks. that could change tomorrow when she makes two more appearances in los angeles. >> 168 years of british legacy will come to an end for the news of the world newspaper. staff at the tabloid compete read it completed the final edition today before packing up their things and leaving the building for the last time. the paper shut down after widespread allegations of phone hacking. reports say journalists packed into the voice males of on soldiers -- voicemails of fallen soldiers. >> nothing overhead here. how close will the rain did in the next couple of days? the next couple of days?
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>> next weekend marks the 30th year of artscape. a local artist won a big and coveted award for his work in film. he is the writer, director, an editor and teaches his craft at johns hopkins university. the bba all is a proud sponsor. >> coming up, we will have a
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seven-day forecast. the inner harbor hit 93. typical is 87. it was more humid this morning, but the humidity dropped, so nobody was almost comfortable. -- 90 was almost comparable period. a total of 19 days, including one day that was 100 degrees. summer is off to a good start. annapolis is at 80, 73 on the boardwalk. the green indicates 60's out to the west of us, and the satellite image shows clear skies overhead. this big bubble of high pressure has dried us out. to the south, here is the front that drove all that stuff's out of us and here is a high pressure that will be with us the rest of the weekend.
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rain shower activity to the north. we are in pretty good shape for release the next 24 hours. clear skies tonight and mild, 62-68 for the low. seasonably warm tomorrow once again. 88-92 for the high. roughly the same as today, and tomorrow the humidity will not go crazy so it will be reasonably comfortable, with mostly sunny skies. the ocean city forecast, 68 overnight and 88 with lots of sunshine on sunday and 88 on monday as well. some really good whether there. the surface temperature for the water is 70-75 with low risk for rip current there at ocean city. we are calling for 90 degrees again tomorrow, plenty of sun up with a few scattered clouds and reasonably low humidity.
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the humidity kicks in monday and tuesday with another system coming in. most of monday is dry, but by monday night into tuesday the rain chances go up with some scattered showers and thunderstorms. dry wednesday, thursday, and friday, and then they humidity goes down but starts to increase by next weekend. >> the big question is what, for the orioles to beat? >> there was a little bit of that going on, and how the orioles responded, coming up next in sports. >> live from universal orlando resort, it is powerball. tonight you are estimated jackpot is $36.1 million. for $1 more, you can add our
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>> i was curious to see how the orioles would respond after last night's shelling match with the red sox, an incident that seemed to galvanize the clubhouse afterward and maybe it was the spark to get this team headed in the right direction. but showalter not disappointed with the starting pitching tonight. david ortiz was the instigator from friday. adam jones, right into the wall. no score. three runs allowed. back to the mound, simone has jacoby hunt up.
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still no score, and it was not quite the same afterwards. a double brings in a pair. boston scored three times, making it 3-0. john lackey drills derrek lee. the orioles did not respond and get shut out, 4-0. they have lost 20 out of 26. >> it seemed like a lot of people have done something against lackey. we expected a little better offensive output tonight. >> nothing to do with a brawl, zach britton allowed eight runs in the shortest start of his career, just two-thirds of an inning. he barely resembles the kid who started the season 5 and 1. the orioles respond today by
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sending zach britton back to the minors. accomplishes a couple of things. he can work on some of his mechanics, plus it helps the orioles with service time. he should be back by the end of july and remains the best prospect of the yana oriole pitchers. it feels like spring training all over again. derek jeter has hardly enjoyed what is likely his final contract with the yankees with the public dispute last winter and a slumping start. as he zeroed in on 3000 hits, he reminded us what will make him a first ballot hall of famer. he wasted no time getting close. he is a single and now one away. facing david price, and there he
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goes, the first home run in yankee stadium in almost a year. he is the 28 player in in major- league history with 28 -- the guy who caught the ball gave it back to him. derek jeter was not done. eighth inning, tied game, that proves to be the game-winning rbi. he was 545 of the afternoon. the yankees and of the rays of final of 5-4. >> still ahead, john collins with the forecast. with the forecast.
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>> just talking about what the weather may be like for artscape. >> tomorrow will be very similar for today, reasonably comfortable. humidity kicks then again monday and tuesday. the rain chant is scattered so not a huge threat, then it backs off wednesday, thursday, and friday. >> thanks for joining us. we will see you back here tomorrow at 5411 news sunday morning. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute next on c-span, earlier today the pentagon released a tape seized in sunday's raid in pakistan, purported to be osama bin laden's last will and testament. the taun

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